10 Advices for myself


Spring Grassland Girl

1. – Be kind. But not too kind.

2. – If you feel you’ve been hurt, you’re hurt. Period. No one else is allowed to tell you how much you’re allowed to hurt.

3. – Make the blame. But also take the blame.

4. – People are gonna call you, “Crazy” and “Weird” and “Mad” for doing your own thing. Take the compliment.

5. – Everyone’s first priority is their own selves. So put yourself first no matter what.

6. – If you like that notebook, buy it. So what if you have more than enough empty pages back home? More the merrier.

7. – Write. Draw. Sing. Dance. Act. Cry. Laugh. Curse. Do whatever the fuck you want. So long as it doesn’t affect them, no one has the right to complain against it.

8. – The world is full of hypocrites. You may even find one in the mirror at times. But it’s alright.

9. – Whatever you do, don’t put reins on your dreams. Dreams are the only highways with an infinite horizon that holds the impossible.

10. – Laugh. Keep laughing. Happy is your best look.

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